New Credit – Instant Loans without endorsement in 10 minutes

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That “money without endorsement” may sound empty advertising slogan, we will not deny it. What’s more, we can even grant that it sounds like a usurer’s trap that wants to keep the money, the possessions and the lives of those who fall into their networks … It happens that we have the guarantee that this is not the case. And that guarantee comes from the contrasted seriousness of an entity like Crédito Nuevo loan and microcredit .

In fact, no matter how lax or unserious this money may sound, without guarantee, only a very serious and very solvent company can afford this kind of operations that, by the way, have already saved more than one family of very serious problems. Moreover, the niche of money that is no longer guaranteed can become much safer for a financial institution than the traditional entities:

As a company immersed in society and aware of its realities, Crédito Nuevo has realized that the model of lending capital to those who do not really need it is outdated. Moreover, given the employment situation of many people, who work without a contract – and without a payroll – but work and have a stable income, it would be absurd not to grant them a money already and without a guarantee, given that many offer as many or more guarantees as borrowers of traditional banking.

To the advantages of covering a sector of the market, that of the money without an endorsement, it should be added that Crédito Nuevo does it in a way that is very comfortable for the client, who can apply for his loan by phone and always being aware of how much he is doing. to cost the service. It sounds a bit absurd to quote as pro to know how much a loan will cost us, right? Well … Do you know how much you are going to return to your bank, that good and prestigious bank, when you have finished paying that credit, the one that offers you so many advantages? Do accounts: interest, commissions, expenses … Is it true to be clear at all times how much this “money without endorsement” will cost you?

This should be borne in mind when making a payday loan

Mortgages are a loan method that has risen in popularity in recent years. This is because, as the name suggests, it’s a very quick way to borrow money.

There are many different providers of this type of loan and sometimes it’s hard to overlook the many different options. There are many things to be aware of when choosing a loan, but before deciding on a particular loan, it’s a good idea, just an additional time, to consider the necessity for the loan. For example, it’s not a good idea to use it for overuse or if you do not expect to be able to repay the loan again.

Why take a credit loan?

A payday loan via is an easy and quick way to borrow money. There is no longer time to send the application until you get an answer. Typically, you will have the money on this account if the loan is approved, either the same day or a few days later.
Among other things, it’s quick because you usually do not have to put security. In addition, the loan is taken online, so you will be able to do it exactly at the time that suits you best and wherever you want. Many credit loans are signed with NemID, which makes the entire loan process faster as you avoid all the paperwork.

Good advice before taking a loan

Before you take a credit loan, put a budget where you set your total income and expenses. This way you can easily get an overview of your finances. This makes it easier to see if you have a need to borrow money and how much you may need.

It’s a good idea to compare several different lending at a fast payout to find the loan that suits you best. For example, you can compare, by looking at the annual percentage rate, also called OPP. This is done because most loans cover several different costs and miscellaneous fees, in addition to the interest rate itself. Therefore, ÅOP gives a better overview, considering the total costs and not just the interest rate.

It is important that you are able to repay the loan again. Therefore, think about how you will repay the loan before you take it up. In this way, you can better make sure you end up in a situation where you can not get rid of the loan again.

Applications to manage e-mails: Get organized!

Using email is something that we almost always do from the mobile. That’s why, today we’re going to show you the best applications to manage e-mails on your phone.

For many, the official Gmail app (or Outlook if you use Microsoft’s email) is enough.

However, if you want to manage email as a professional, here are the best apps for each situation.

Related imageGoogle Inbox Mail and reminders to get organized better with Gmail

If you are a Gmail user, you must try Inbox , one of the applications to manage most used e-mails. Created by Google itself, and totally free, it serves to manage your email beyond the typical answer, file and delete. If you have a large volume, or use your mail professionally, it is likely to be very useful.

Advantages of Inbox

You can leave for then emails that you do not need to attend at the moment

If you have the tray full, give the option to postpone. The email will appear again later, if you do not have time now or it is not a priority, but you do not want to forget about it and be buried among the rest of the messages.

You can quickly delete unimportant emails

Inbox tries to group those notifications, commercial emails and unimportant messages that we all receive. So you can give them a general overview without hurry and delete or archive everything at once to get rid of what is not a priority.

You always have important messages in sight

When it comes to managing your email, there are those important messages that you do not want to be lost when new ones come in. With the pin option you can leave the important ones and always be the first ones until you manage them.

The reminders

With Inbox you can easily create a reminder from the email, and let the app remind you of what you need. There are more advantages, such as having 15 seconds to repent and undo that email sent. For all that, Inbox is one of the best applications to manage e-mails once you learn to use it. You can download it for Android here and for iOS here .

Protonmail. Security and encryption, first of all

Gmail is very useful, but you’ll already know that Google reads your emails to offer you ads . That’s why privacy is not your forte. If you have to send sensitive messages, with sensitive information, you will have to use applications to manage e-mails that encrypt the message and ensure privacy. Protonmail is a Swiss company that guarantees all that and has a 100% free service. You will have to create an email account on your website and, from there, you can use that secure address to ensure that nobody reads what you send.

Advantages of Protonmail

Your security and privacy

It may seem like one, but without a doubt, now that privacy is on everyone’s lips, it may be the most important.

It has some very good free applications for Android here and for iOS here .

As a curiosity, it is the email that the hackers protagonists of the series Mr. Robot use. It’s real and it works very well.

Image result for virtual mailboxAstro Mail. Artificial Intelligence in your email

If you want to take another step when managing your email and English is not a problem, Astro Mail is what you are looking for. It is one of the best applications to manage e-mails, whose main claim is that it uses artificial intelligence. And you can use your Gmail and Outlook accounts with it, for example. Little by little, the program learns with whom you communicate more, what to prioritize or leave in the background, because it is not important (as commercial communications, for example). It works pretty well and, if you use email professionally, or you get saturated with messages all the time, try it. It is very likely that you end up choosing it.

Advantages of Astro Mail

His artificial intelligence works relatively well

When you have been with her for a while, and you are configuring with answers to the questions she asks you from time to time, she is able to prioritize the important things well enough.

You can have read notice of the emails you send

Astro Mail notifies you when the recipient of the message has opened your mail, without him knowing it or having to send a notification receipt.

Notifies you only of what is important

That means that you do not have to be aware all the time.

Of course, especially at the beginning, and until you learn, you will have to take a look from time to time, so that nothing happens to you.

Interestingly, Astro Mail is very good, but it is usually something “hidden” in the stores of apps.

You can download free Astro Mail for Android here and for iOS here .

As you can see, there are excellent applications to manage email, and here we have chosen three that adapt to any situation.

Travel apps that you can not miss during Easter

Holy Week is just around the corner! If you are subject to the school calendar, this Friday your holidays start, but in any case, from Holy Thursday to Sunday of the next week you have four days to enjoy. With these travel apps you can get even more out of spring, wherever you go.

They will be useful to have even more incredible free days!

Image result for holy weekSAS Survival Guide Lite

The SAS is the body of the British Air Force . This application is based on the story of Lofty Wiseman, a retired member of this body who published a survival guide in 1986 that now comes to you in digital format.

With it you can learn how Morse code works or fire, among other things. If you plan to go camping this Easter, you need the advice of an expert in the field .

SAS Survival Guide Lite includes hundreds of survival tips, plus it teaches you about meteorology and includes exercises to see how your knowledge is progressing to survive in the open . Do not leave home without her!

Maybe you end up in a 5 star hotel … But just in case, it’s never wrong to be cautious. The app , available for iOS and Android, is not in Spanish, so take the opportunity to practice if you go abroad and also look at these applications to learn English .

FlightAway Flight Tracker

Do you want to know the status of your flight in real time? If you are going to take a plane to go abroad during the holidays, you will think that it would be a good idea to be aware of all the information of the flights so that uncertainty does not reign if suddenly there are changes.

We have a solution for you! FlightAware is one of those travel apps that keeps you abreast of changes, incidents and delays in the flights of the different airlines and airports. You will get announcements to the mobile and you will know at all times what is happening with your plane.

Since we know you like to be practical, with FlightAware you will have all the information you need in your hand so you do not get nervous at the airport.

You have it for Android and iOS devices.


Did you know that you can travel at low-cost while enjoying VIP services? Yes, as you hear it!

The LoungeBuddy app, for Android and iOS, gives you access to VIP lounges at airports around the world. You will have to pay an entrance , but you will save the kidney that costs Business and First Class tickets that give “free” access to these rooms.

With LoungeBuddy you can go to the VIP lounge and enjoy an open bar (in this case a drink), a large variety of food and exclusive services : in some rooms there are even beds for sleeping and massage chairs!

If you are going to stop, LoungeBuddy helps you to make it more bearable.


The TripIt app collects all the information of flights, hotels and other reservations in a single place so you do not go crazy with so much confirmation mail.

Thus, TripIt will take care of everything. It will remind you when you have to be and where, it will create itineraries on a map of the destination city so you know how to get to the hotel and will inform you in real time of the changes that your itinerary may suffer. It is one of those travel apps that you can not miss.

If you like to have everything well organized, TripIt is your best ally!

Flush: the search engine

Who has not seen himself in this situation? You’re in the middle of the street, apparently there’s no bathroom nearby, but the urge to unload your bladder is unbearable .

This situation is especially bad when you are in an unknown city and you do not know where to go. Luckily, Flush can help you! Activate the GPS and find one of the more than 190,000 public toilets that appear in the app . What a relief!

You will want Flush more than anyone in this world. Available for iOS and Android.


Holy Week is a time to enjoy. Do it in style with these fantastic travel apps ! You will not miss anything at all.

Applications to follow the elections of June 26

Sunday is approaching June 26 and with him the elections, the second in 6 months. If you have been at the table, you will not have another to get up early but look on the positive side: you will live the electoral night to the fullest and the next day you can arrive later to work.

If you still do not have very clear who to vote or on the contrary, you have it very clear but what you need is a good way to follow the elections with constant updates, there are a multitude of applications with which you can be informed or can help you that you aclar and vote convinced.

General Elections 2016

With this application you can see the results in real time, but you can also make an anonymous poll in which you vote for the party you want to win the elections and later will be reflected in the user survey graphs.

On the other hand, this app has information about each political party: its electoral programs, the profile of the candidate of each party, electoral news and even the official polls of the elections.

If you want to be the first to tell your WhatsApp group what happens, this application allows you to share the latest news on your social networks. Then you can not say that you have not been able to inform yourself!

General Elections 2015

The application was launched for the December 20 elections but, although they have not changed the year for 2016, it works perfectly. If you still do not know who to vote yet and you want to leave everything to chance or laugh, this is your app

You just have to spin the roulette that appears to you and it will stop in a game. Then he will give you all the information about his electoral program. Do not tell us it’s not original!

Pactometer 2.0

Surely you have heard more than once of the famous pactómetro of Antonio Ferreras, the presenter of “Al rojo vivo”. Well, this is the same, but this time it will be you who has the power of the pactometer.

Make all the possible pacts to find out who can become the President of the Government.

Elections game guess the phrase

With this game you will not get bored for a minute. It is to guess which politician said what phrase. You have 3 game levels and the phrases of the 4 main candidates for the government: Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias, Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera.

Then you will get the results and you can share them on your social networks.

You still have time to decide who to vote for. Use these applications to keep abreast of what happens in the policy and have a little clearer about the vote next June 26.

Learn how to transfer data from one mobile to another

There is nothing like the illusion of releasing a new mobile phone … until you realize that your whole life was in the old one and you have to transfer data from one mobile phone to another. And you do not know how!

Do not worry about that, because today we’re going to teach you the easiest ways to do it, whatever the type of mobile you have bought and the one you had before.

Forget about losing an entire afternoon doing it manually, look for your option among those we show you and have your new mobile prepared in minutes.

Related imageHow to transfer contacts between two Android phones

If you want to start from scratch, and only pass your contacts to not saturate your new mobile with old photos and applications that you no longer use, in this case the Google account is your best ally.

To automatically transfer contacts between Android phones , go to «Settings», then choose the «Accounts» option and, among those that come out, choose «Google».

Click on the account (or accounts) that appear (n) and make sure that on the next screen you have marked the synchronization option «Contacts».

You will see that there are other options, the more synchronized you have everything, the better, you can automatically transfer more data from one mobile to another that is Android as soon as you turn it on.

How to transfer contacts from an Android to an iPhone

If your new phone is a brand new iPhone, again Google is your ally. Make sure that on your Android mobile you have the contact synchronization activated as we explained before.

Now go to your iPhone, go to «Settings» and once there in «Mail, contacts, calendars». In the new screen press «Add account» and choose Google among the options that you get.

Activate the Contacts option among those that appear. If you get a warning, you must choose if you want to keep the contacts you already have on the iPhone (if it’s new, you will not have any) or delete them before synchronizing with Google.

You will already have your Android contacts on iPhone and, if you want to do it the other way around, do not hesitate to visit this article on how to pass contacts from iPhone to Android .

How to transfer data between two Android phones

If you are one of those who want to keep everything: Apps, photos … and not just contacts, then we have to resort to installing an application that does this heavy work.

What these Apps do is run a backup copy of everything , so the procedure is simple.

You install the application in the old mobile, you do the backup of everything, you pass it with an SD card to the new one, or you upload it to the cloud (some Apps what they do is upload that copy to their cloud in the process) and the downloads on the new phone.

Now you install the backup application in the new mobile as well and, through the file that you have created before, and you have in the SD card or in the cloud, you can restore everything and leave your new mobile like the previous one.

Some applications of this type (for you to choose the one that suits you best) are: Helium , SuperBackup or Backup of your Mobile .

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How to transfer data from an iPhone mobile to an Android

This is something more complicated, because the services of Apple are more closed than the rest, and you will have to go little by little in addition to using a computer for some things.

We have already linked the way to pass contacts, but if you want the photos, download the Google Photos application , upload everything to your cloud, also install the Google Photos App on your new Android and, from there, download what you want.

If you want your music, it’s going to be a little complicated, but again Google is a possible solution. Set up Google Play Music on your computer and, during installation, choose to upload songs to your cloud service. When it comes out during the process, choose the iTunes option to get your collection through.

Keep in mind that Google Play is a service that costs money every month, although the first two are free, so take full advantage of those 60 days.

If you do not fit this solution, you must export your music to Mp3 using iTunes and transfer it to your Android phone from your computer with a USB cable or copying to an SD card.

How to transfer data from an Android mobile to an iPhone

In this case, Apple has made an application to pass photos, calendar, contacts … Obviously, the Apps that you have on your old Android phone can not be moved, since they are not compatible.

The application in question is called MovetoiOS and you must download it from the Play Store first, to make the copy on your old Android.

The simplest option to transfer data from one mobile phone to another in all situations: use the cloud

The best thing to always have your photographs, videos, memories and documents at hand is to use a storage service for your files in the cloud , which has an App for both iOS and Android.

For example, you can use the service of Google Drive or Dropbox, which will allow you to have everything important mobile phone uploaded to the cloud, and have it accessible in the new phone you buy, no matter what type.

With these solutions, you can immediately enjoy your new mobile, without having to spend an entire afternoon configuring it again.

Android virus: how to know if your mobile is infected?

You throw the day stuck to the Internet, WhatsApp , downloading things, looking at the mail … But these are potential entry points for Android viruses that perhaps you had never raised . That’s why, like so many things in this life, the first thing is prevention!

Remember that your smartphone , in addition to an extension of your body, works almost like a small computer, so you can get malicious viruses that hurt you! We tell you how to know if your phone is infected.

Image result for mobile virusTracks that tell you that your Android has a virus

Do I have an Android virus? How can I detect that I have it? First of all, take a deep breath and calm down. Do not use a thermometer because we can not tell you if you have a fever, but we can tell you some of the most common symptoms of viruses:

  • Advertising in the notification bar

If you see advertising in the notification bar of your phone, what a grace! It’s super annoying, right?

Well apart from annoying, it can be a virus that has made your smartphone sick. This advertising could come from normal applications that you have installed; there is the trap: the malware takes advantage of your confidence to collapse a virus that you do not even intend to eliminate.

  • Redirect

Another way to test your skills of Dr. Smartphone is to detect if, when browsing the Internet, you have automatic redirections to a website that is also always the same. What a page heaviness!

This occurs either because you have something malicious that redirects you to a particular page, or because the web is infected, so you could download a virus by accident.

  • Suspicious Internet connections

See what your normal volume of data consumption is each month. If you suddenly spend a lot more than you usually do and have not done anything special for this to occur, like downloading a full season of The Sopranos , you may have a virus that is pulling your data to make theirs.

Be aware of these variations!

  • The battery is running too fast

Finally, check if there are applications that are spending more battery than normal . If yes, it is possible that the app includes a gift that will not do you any fun: virus porron!

Image result for mobile virusTypes of viruses or malware

How many types of viruses are there? Very many. But for you to step on sure, we’ll illustrate with some of the most common types of malware . That way you will be warned!

  • Adware

Adware is one of the most typical , as it is related to invasive advertising . It is usually embedded in applications that you download, so sometimes you can definitely delete this app and end it with adware .

  • Spyware

This type of virus is more serious, since it steals information from your device, such as passwords .

In addition, spyware tries to go unnoticed, hence the spy. It is difficult to detect because there are usually no clear symptoms of infection. What smarties!

  • Scareware

There are also the typical ads that tell you that your device is infected and offer you the “solution” to the problem.

This software usually redirects you to a page or a program for you to download it. It’s not going to destroy your phone, but it’s annoying .

  • Ransomware

In this case it is very dangerous viruses, because in many cases they block the device. To recover your phone, they usually ask you for money and they can also be seen as policemen .

Although you should never pay anything , if you are curious, that you know that, after the hypothetical payment of the “ransom”, the mobile will remain blocked.

  • Trojan

This malware borrows its name from the mythical Trojan Horse with which the Greeks entered the city of the same name to invade it from within. Making a simile of this concept, the Trojans sneak into the devices without raising suspicion and, afterwards, are dedicated to bombarding it from within with more malware .

Avoid war on your phone!

  • Worm

Lastly, there are the worms. These are replicated and copied to other devices and usually arrive in chain mails.

Their effects are usually that they damage the bandwidth or they eat the memory of the telephone, as if they were the monster of the cookies.


As you already know, prevention is the best ally in these cases. Be careful what you download! So you will not have to regret later. And if you have not done it yet, first get a good antivirus

New applications that you should install on your mobile

This week we bring you a couple of new applications that we love and that you can not miss. The Internet is updated every second, so you have to be careful to keep up with the latest!

We want to help you stay up to date with two apps for your phone: one to manage your work from your mobile phone and another to squeeze the full potential of your smartphone’s camera. You want to know more? Go ahead, we’ll tell you!

Image result for mobile applicationsEvernote, a productivity bonus

There are more and more jobs that require people to be around for the whole day. This happens either within the same city, between different cities in the same country, or across the width and length of this world.

Mobility makes it difficult for us to always have all the work we do with us. Luckily, there are people who think about it, and among those people are the developers of Evernote .

The app allows writing annotations, checklists to track the evolution of your goals, and organize articles that we find on the Internet, as well as documents and photos. You can also share your work with other people. With Evernote it will be easier to gather Office documents, PDF files and photographs, all in one place.

In addition, Evernote incorporates a digital assistant functionality: You can create business cards for contacts; organize your receipts, bills and invoices; or plan your trips saving information about flight and hotel reservations. In short, all your work in your pocket so you can increase your productivity.

A Better Camera , 360º photos and more

Today there is no mobile that does not incorporate at least one camera. There are different qualities and with different amounts of megapixels , but the truth is that there is much potential to exploit in these lenses that we all carry in our pocket.

That’s what the developers of A Better Camera should have thought, which in Spanish we would translate as “A better camera”. The app literally seeks to help you get the most out of your mobile camera.

The application has different functionalities. One of the most interesting is called HDR mode , which generates photographs with more vivid colors and sharper details. You will get professional quality photos! You can also delete objects that you do not like, such as a built-in Photoshop.

In addition, it incorporates extended panoramic functionality. While some phones include a panoramic mode in their standard camera, using an open angle, A Better Camera reaches up to 360º. Of course, to enjoy all the features you have to buy the full version.

The application has other interesting modes like night mode. To do this, the camera keeps the shutter open a few seconds, as it happens with professional cameras, to allow more light to enter the lens and thus take the photo with greater luminosity but without the need to resort to flash. Of course, do not move the phone, or at the minimum you will get a blurred picture!

You can also activate the “Previous Shot”, which captures the photo before doing it, so you can “see” how it looks. It never happens to you that you have to repeat the same photo because you are not sure which is the most beautiful? With the tree on the left, with the tree on the right, without trees, with more sky, with less sky … How difficult it is to get the perfect picture! Well with this functionality you will save all the photos that do not convince you, since you can save only the one you like.

What do you think? Now, either because you know how to organize yourself better, or because you can take professional photos with your mobile, there is no doubt that there are many applications out there that help us to fully exploit our mobile. Download them and you’ll be up to date!

Three ways to burn the excesses of Christmas

p> There is no greater pleasure than eating and this Christmas we have put on our boots! And it is that the Christmas dinners with their canapés, their lamb, their desserts … they are a delight! But it’s over, we put an end to those binge-eating dates and go back to the routine. But we do not return alone, we are accompanied by those extra kilos that have accumulated in the areas that we hate the most. And how difficult it is to get rid of them!

So calm and attentive to these three ways to eliminate those kilos that do not want to leave when these dates are over.

Exercise is essential!

We know that you are very lazy, and more with this cold that freezes your bones, go out to the street to exercise but the accumulated fat is not removed by magic! That’s why we’re going to give you three options, depending on the type of person you are.

If what happens is that you are shy or you are too lazy to get up for exercise, what you can do is join a friend to the gym and you will force each other to create a routine. You will not get bored and you can gossip with your friend about the muscles of the gym.

If you are one of those who think that exercising is boring, do not worry because in gyms there are more fun classes like zumba, which combines dance with exercise. It is not bad to laugh while you eliminate those kilillos.

If you are the king of laziness, there is also another option. Go out for an hour every day, little by little you will get tired less and your energy will increase.

You have to keep in mind that exercising has many benefits, because thanks to it we improve our health and strengthen our muscles. You will also improve your mood and release endorphins that will help your body and mind feel much better.

There is no excuse! Find your favorite sport and for that!

Do not skip any food

If you think that by stopping eating you will get that much desired tipín, you are wrong. Stopping eating does not work and skipping a meal, either! The ideal is to make five meals a day.

Do not tell us you’ve never heard the saying: “Eat like a king, eat lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar.” If you pay attention to the famous saying and add two more small meals among the main ones, it will be much better. The explanation is simple, going hungry to the fundamental foods will make you eat with anxiety and more than you should.

Do not forget to eat balanced, healthy and low-fat foods. Fruits, vegetables, fish, grilled meats … take advantage of the amount of healthy foods we have!

Related image

Drink a lot of water

This has always been said to you, but it’s true! Water has many benefits, it helps you feel satiated without having to resort to snacks, trinkets or those delicious buns, which we like so much between meals. The ideal is to drink more than two liters of water per day, so go prepare the bottle!

Also, if we drink a glass of water before the main meals you will feel full and you will not eat so much.

If you apply these tips, you will surely have a body of infarction and you will arrive at the bikini operation with the work done. It’s not that difficult, it’s all about creating a routine. Go for it!

Apps for a text messaging app that you do not know

We are sure that it happens to you like us: you use WhatsApp even in the shower … And it’s not surprising, WhatsApp is the most used mobile instant messaging application in the world! Since its arrival, interpersonal communication has been taken to another level, thanks to its free use that has almost completely replaced the SMS.

Now, did you know there are applications for WhatsApp ? There are enough, in fact, and serve to expand the practical use of this app . You want to know more? Well, we do not roll up anymore, here they come!

Image result for whatsappWhatStat , to know if we stick a lot to the mobile

WhatStat is an application used to analyze the daily use of WhatsApp . Thus, WhatStat lets you know at what times you use it most, which are the contacts with whom you speak the most, and statistics of the volume of messages sent and received. So you can see if you’re a charlatan, or you’re more of reading to others.

You can also know who usually starts the conversation, something that can be useful if you want to see numerically if the contact is interested in you … If you talk a lot, it can mean something more than friendship, right?

Chat Lock , protect yourself from other people’s eyes

For those who always consider privacy, Chat Lock is an application that independently blocks access to the WhatsApp messaging application.

The only way to unlock it is through a password or unlock pattern. This way you will leave your intimate conversations safe, or, even if they are not so, you will prevent your brother or a gossip friend from going where they do not call him.

WCleaner , free that much needed space

In WhatsApp we are dedicated to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk … Even at the touch of a keyboard, or screen. We like to use this application to the extent that we accumulate texts that, if printed, would lead to the total deforestation of the planet.

In addition, if we receive thousands of photos through groups, the phone memory ultimately suffers, and a lot.

Since that is not what we want, it is possible to optimize the space with WCleaner , an app that periodically deletes the history of conversations and shared files. If you want to keep something, you can manually download the files before they are deleted.

This will save space and time.

Paint , now also on WhatsApp

Surely you all know the mythical Windows Paint , right? For many, it was the first contact with the world of computers and cutting-edge technology … Although it did not have much in the way.

However, there is an app for WhatsApp that allows us to create basic drawings and send them. Thus, we can send personal and exclusive images. This version of Paint allows us to give creativity if we see that the words do not come out.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words … Is that true?

Now that we have illuminated you with these super cool applications for WhatsApp … What are you waiting to try them?