You throw the day stuck to the Internet, WhatsApp , downloading things, looking at the mail … But these are potential entry points for Android viruses that perhaps you had never raised . That’s why, like so many things in this life, the first thing is prevention!

Remember that your smartphone , in addition to an extension of your body, works almost like a small computer, so you can get malicious viruses that hurt you! We tell you how to know if your phone is infected.

Image result for mobile virusTracks that tell you that your Android has a virus

Do I have an Android virus? How can I detect that I have it? First of all, take a deep breath and calm down. Do not use a thermometer because we can not tell you if you have a fever, but we can tell you some of the most common symptoms of viruses:

  • Advertising in the notification bar

If you see advertising in the notification bar of your phone, what a grace! It’s super annoying, right?

Well apart from annoying, it can be a virus that has made your smartphone sick. This advertising could come from normal applications that you have installed; there is the trap: the malware takes advantage of your confidence to collapse a virus that you do not even intend to eliminate.

  • Redirect

Another way to test your skills of Dr. Smartphone is to detect if, when browsing the Internet, you have automatic redirections to a website that is also always the same. What a page heaviness!

This occurs either because you have something malicious that redirects you to a particular page, or because the web is infected, so you could download a virus by accident.

  • Suspicious Internet connections

See what your normal volume of data consumption is each month. If you suddenly spend a lot more than you usually do and have not done anything special for this to occur, like downloading a full season of The Sopranos , you may have a virus that is pulling your data to make theirs.

Be aware of these variations!

  • The battery is running too fast

Finally, check if there are applications that are spending more battery than normal . If yes, it is possible that the app includes a gift that will not do you any fun: virus porron!

Image result for mobile virusTypes of viruses or malware

How many types of viruses are there? Very many. But for you to step on sure, we’ll illustrate with some of the most common types of malware . That way you will be warned!

  • Adware

Adware is one of the most typical , as it is related to invasive advertising . It is usually embedded in applications that you download, so sometimes you can definitely delete this app and end it with adware .

  • Spyware

This type of virus is more serious, since it steals information from your device, such as passwords .

In addition, spyware tries to go unnoticed, hence the spy. It is difficult to detect because there are usually no clear symptoms of infection. What smarties!

  • Scareware

There are also the typical ads that tell you that your device is infected and offer you the “solution” to the problem.

This software usually redirects you to a page or a program for you to download it. It’s not going to destroy your phone, but it’s annoying .

  • Ransomware

In this case it is very dangerous viruses, because in many cases they block the device. To recover your phone, they usually ask you for money and they can also be seen as policemen .

Although you should never pay anything , if you are curious, that you know that, after the hypothetical payment of the “ransom”, the mobile will remain blocked.

  • Trojan

This malware borrows its name from the mythical Trojan Horse with which the Greeks entered the city of the same name to invade it from within. Making a simile of this concept, the Trojans sneak into the devices without raising suspicion and, afterwards, are dedicated to bombarding it from within with more malware .

Avoid war on your phone!

  • Worm

Lastly, there are the worms. These are replicated and copied to other devices and usually arrive in chain mails.

Their effects are usually that they damage the bandwidth or they eat the memory of the telephone, as if they were the monster of the cookies.


As you already know, prevention is the best ally in these cases. Be careful what you download! So you will not have to regret later. And if you have not done it yet, first get a good antivirus