Sunday is approaching June 26 and with him the elections, the second in 6 months. If you have been at the table, you will not have another to get up early but look on the positive side: you will live the electoral night to the fullest and the next day you can arrive later to work.

If you still do not have very clear who to vote or on the contrary, you have it very clear but what you need is a good way to follow the elections with constant updates, there are a multitude of applications with which you can be informed or can help you that you aclar and vote convinced.

Image result for electionGeneral Elections 2016

With this application you can see the results in real time, but you can also make an anonymous poll in which you vote for the party you want to win the elections and later will be reflected in the user survey graphs.

On the other hand, this app has information about each political party: its electoral programs, the profile of the candidate of each party, electoral news and even the official polls of the elections.

If you want to be the first to tell your WhatsApp group what happens, this application allows you to share the latest news on your social networks. Then you can not say that you have not been able to inform yourself!

General Elections 2015

The application was launched for the December 20 elections but, although they have not changed the year for 2016, it works perfectly. If you still do not know who to vote yet and you want to leave everything to chance or laugh, this is your app

You just have to spin the roulette that appears to you and it will stop in a game. Then he will give you all the information about his electoral program. Do not tell us it’s not original!

Pactometer 2.0

Surely you have heard more than once of the famous pactómetro of Antonio Ferreras, the presenter of “Al rojo vivo”. Well, this is the same, but this time it will be you who has the power of the pactometer.

Make all the possible pacts to find out who can become the President of the Government.

Elections game guess the phrase

With this game you will not get bored for a minute. It is to guess which politician said what phrase. You have 3 game levels and the phrases of the 4 main candidates for the government: Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias, Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera.

Then you will get the results and you can share them on your social networks.

You still have time to decide who to vote for. Use these applications to keep abreast of what happens in the policy and have a little clearer about the vote next June 26.