Using email is something that we almost always do from the mobile. That’s why, today we’re going to show you the best applications to manage e-mails on your phone.

For many, the official Gmail app (or Outlook if you use Microsoft’s email) is enough.

However, if you want to manage email as a professional, here are the best apps for each situation.

Related imageGoogle Inbox Mail and reminders to get organized better with Gmail

If you are a Gmail user, you must try Inbox , one of the applications to manage most used e-mails. Created by Google itself, and totally free, it serves to manage your email beyond the typical answer, file and delete. If you have a large volume, or use your mail professionally, it is likely to be very useful.

Advantages of Inbox

You can leave for then emails that you do not need to attend at the moment

If you have the tray full, give the option to postpone. The email will appear again later, if you do not have time now or it is not a priority, but you do not want to forget about it and be buried among the rest of the messages.

You can quickly delete unimportant emails

Inbox tries to group those notifications, commercial emails and unimportant messages that we all receive. So you can give them a general overview without hurry and delete or archive everything at once to get rid of what is not a priority.

You always have important messages in sight

When it comes to managing your email, there are those important messages that you do not want to be lost when new ones come in. With the pin option you can leave the important ones and always be the first ones until you manage them.

The reminders

With Inbox you can easily create a reminder from the email, and let the app remind you of what you need. There are more advantages, such as having 15 seconds to repent and undo that email sent. For all that, Inbox is one of the best applications to manage e-mails once you learn to use it. You can download it for Android here and for iOS here .

Protonmail. Security and encryption, first of all

Gmail is very useful, but you’ll already know that Google reads your emails to offer you ads . That’s why privacy is not your forte. If you have to send sensitive messages, with sensitive information, you will have to use applications to manage e-mails that encrypt the message and ensure privacy. Protonmail is a Swiss company that guarantees all that and has a 100% free service. You will have to create an email account on your website and, from there, you can use that secure address to ensure that nobody reads what you send.

Advantages of Protonmail

Your security and privacy

It may seem like one, but without a doubt, now that privacy is on everyone’s lips, it may be the most important.

It has some very good free applications for Android here and for iOS here .

As a curiosity, it is the email that the hackers protagonists of the series Mr. Robot use. It’s real and it works very well.

Image result for virtual mailboxAstro Mail. Artificial Intelligence in your email

If you want to take another step when managing your email and English is not a problem, Astro Mail is what you are looking for. It is one of the best applications to manage e-mails, whose main claim is that it uses artificial intelligence. And you can use your Gmail and Outlook accounts with it, for example. Little by little, the program learns with whom you communicate more, what to prioritize or leave in the background, because it is not important (as commercial communications, for example). It works pretty well and, if you use email professionally, or you get saturated with messages all the time, try it. It is very likely that you end up choosing it.

Advantages of Astro Mail

His artificial intelligence works relatively well

When you have been with her for a while, and you are configuring with answers to the questions she asks you from time to time, she is able to prioritize the important things well enough.

You can have read notice of the emails you send

Astro Mail notifies you when the recipient of the message has opened your mail, without him knowing it or having to send a notification receipt.

Notifies you only of what is important

That means that you do not have to be aware all the time.

Of course, especially at the beginning, and until you learn, you will have to take a look from time to time, so that nothing happens to you.

Interestingly, Astro Mail is very good, but it is usually something “hidden” in the stores of apps.

You can download free Astro Mail for Android here and for iOS here .

As you can see, there are excellent applications to manage email, and here we have chosen three that adapt to any situation.