We are sure that it happens to you like us: you use WhatsApp even in the shower … And it’s not surprising, WhatsApp is the most used mobile instant messaging application in the world! Since its arrival, interpersonal communication has been taken to another level, thanks to its free use that has almost completely replaced the SMS.

Now, did you know there are applications for WhatsApp ? There are enough, in fact, and serve to expand the practical use of this app . You want to know more? Well, we do not roll up anymore, here they come!

Image result for whatsappWhatStat , to know if we stick a lot to the mobile

WhatStat is an application used to analyze the daily use of WhatsApp . Thus, WhatStat lets you know at what times you use it most, which are the contacts with whom you speak the most, and statistics of the volume of messages sent and received. So you can see if you’re a charlatan, or you’re more of reading to others.

You can also know who usually starts the conversation, something that can be useful if you want to see numerically if the contact is interested in you … If you talk a lot, it can mean something more than friendship, right?

Chat Lock , protect yourself from other people’s eyes

For those who always consider privacy, Chat Lock is an application that independently blocks access to the WhatsApp messaging application.

The only way to unlock it is through a password or unlock pattern. This way you will leave your intimate conversations safe, or, even if they are not so, you will prevent your brother or a gossip friend from going where they do not call him.

WCleaner , free that much needed space

In WhatsApp we are dedicated to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk … Even at the touch of a keyboard, or screen. We like to use this application to the extent that we accumulate texts that, if printed, would lead to the total deforestation of the planet.

In addition, if we receive thousands of photos through groups, the phone memory ultimately suffers, and a lot.

Since that is not what we want, it is possible to optimize the space with WCleaner , an app that periodically deletes the history of conversations and shared files. If you want to keep something, you can manually download the files before they are deleted.

This will save space and time.

Paint , now also on WhatsApp

Surely you all know the mythical Windows Paint , right? For many, it was the first contact with the world of computers and cutting-edge technology … Although it did not have much in the way.

However, there is an app for WhatsApp that allows us to create basic drawings and send them. Thus, we can send personal and exclusive images. This version of Paint allows us to give creativity if we see that the words do not come out.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words … Is that true?

Now that we have illuminated you with these super cool applications for WhatsApp … What are you waiting to try them?