The iPhone is cool, but sometimes its battery does not last as long as we would like . Also, it always happens just before you finish watching a video, or in the midst of a very juicy gossip or just when you are at 2% to finish a download that you so much want. Would not it be great to be able to control it? And we do not talk about disconnecting the data or lowering the luminosity, all this you already know. We refer to applications for iOS that do it for you. Because there are!

From erasing cache files to telling you the exact “life” time left to your iPhone, they have it all. And as you deserve everything, we talk about two applications to save battery that are the best in the market. Choose the one you like best, and squeeze all the juice to your mobile! Both are free and serve for iPad and iPod. Live life LOW!

Image result for battery saverBattery Doctor, the doctor of your mobile!

Just install it, it will tell you how much time is left until your iPhone goes to sleep. With Battery Doctor you will know which of your apps are open , how long ago and how much battery you are spending each. You will see how from now on you do not forget to close them.

In the “System” section, you will find out everything about the memory that you are using and what you have left, the wifi and the mobile hardware. But the best thing about this app, which other applications do not have to save battery, is its option to “boost” memory . With a single click you can return up to more than 2GB and save battery! In case you did not know, memory can be the worst enemy of the battery