There is nothing like the illusion of releasing a new mobile phone … until you realize that your whole life was in the old one and you have to transfer data from one mobile phone to another. And you do not know how!

Do not worry about that, because today we’re going to teach you the easiest ways to do it, whatever the type of mobile you have bought and the one you had before.

Forget about losing an entire afternoon doing it manually, look for your option among those we show you and have your new mobile prepared in minutes.

Related imageHow to transfer contacts between two Android phones

If you want to start from scratch, and only pass your contacts to not saturate your new mobile with old photos and applications that you no longer use, in this case the Google account is your best ally.

To automatically transfer contacts between Android phones , go to «Settings», then choose the «Accounts» option and, among those that come out, choose «Google».

Click on the account (or accounts) that appear (n) and make sure that on the next screen you have marked the synchronization option «Contacts».

You will see that there are other options, the more synchronized you have everything, the better, you can automatically transfer more data from one mobile to another that is Android as soon as you turn it on.

How to transfer contacts from an Android to an iPhone

If your new phone is a brand new iPhone, again Google is your ally. Make sure that on your Android mobile you have the contact synchronization activated as we explained before.

Now go to your iPhone, go to «Settings» and once there in «Mail, contacts, calendars». In the new screen press «Add account» and choose Google among the options that you get.

Activate the Contacts option among those that appear. If you get a warning, you must choose if you want to keep the contacts you already have on the iPhone (if it’s new, you will not have any) or delete them before synchronizing with Google.

You will already have your Android contacts on iPhone and, if you want to do it the other way around, do not hesitate to visit this article on how to pass contacts from iPhone to Android .

How to transfer data between two Android phones

If you are one of those who want to keep everything: Apps, photos … and not just contacts, then we have to resort to installing an application that does this heavy work.

What these Apps do is run a backup copy of everything , so the procedure is simple.

You install the application in the old mobile, you do the backup of everything, you pass it with an SD card to the new one, or you upload it to the cloud (some Apps what they do is upload that copy to their cloud in the process) and the downloads on the new phone.

Now you install the backup application in the new mobile as well and, through the file that you have created before, and you have in the SD card or in the cloud, you can restore everything and leave your new mobile like the previous one.

Some applications of this type (for you to choose the one that suits you best) are: Helium , SuperBackup or Backup of your Mobile .

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How to transfer data from an iPhone mobile to an Android

This is something more complicated, because the services of Apple are more closed than the rest, and you will have to go little by little in addition to using a computer for some things.

We have already linked the way to pass contacts, but if you want the photos, download the Google Photos application , upload everything to your cloud, also install the Google Photos App on your new Android and, from there, download what you want.

If you want your music, it’s going to be a little complicated, but again Google is a possible solution. Set up Google Play Music on your computer and, during installation, choose to upload songs to your cloud service. When it comes out during the process, choose the iTunes option to get your collection through.

Keep in mind that Google Play is a service that costs money every month, although the first two are free, so take full advantage of those 60 days.

If you do not fit this solution, you must export your music to Mp3 using iTunes and transfer it to your Android phone from your computer with a USB cable or copying to an SD card.

How to transfer data from an Android mobile to an iPhone

In this case, Apple has made an application to pass photos, calendar, contacts … Obviously, the Apps that you have on your old Android phone can not be moved, since they are not compatible.

The application in question is called MovetoiOS and you must download it from the Play Store first, to make the copy on your old Android.

The simplest option to transfer data from one mobile phone to another in all situations: use the cloud

The best thing to always have your photographs, videos, memories and documents at hand is to use a storage service for your files in the cloud , which has an App for both iOS and Android.

For example, you can use the service of Google Drive or Dropbox, which will allow you to have everything important mobile phone uploaded to the cloud, and have it accessible in the new phone you buy, no matter what type.

With these solutions, you can immediately enjoy your new mobile, without having to spend an entire afternoon configuring it again.