This week we bring you a couple of new applications that we love and that you can not miss. The Internet is updated every second, so you have to be careful to keep up with the latest!

We want to help you stay up to date with two apps for your phone: one to manage your work from your mobile phone and another to squeeze the full potential of your smartphone’s camera. You want to know more? Go ahead, we’ll tell you!

Image result for mobile applicationsEvernote, a productivity bonus

There are more and more jobs that require people to be around for the whole day. This happens either within the same city, between different cities in the same country, or across the width and length of this world.

Mobility makes it difficult for us to always have all the work we do with us. Luckily, there are people who think about it, and among those people are the developers of Evernote .

The app allows writing annotations, checklists to track the evolution of your goals, and organize articles that we find on the Internet, as well as documents and photos. You can also share your work with other people. With Evernote it will be easier to gather Office documents, PDF files and photographs, all in one place.

In addition, Evernote incorporates a digital assistant functionality: You can create business cards for contacts; organize your receipts, bills and invoices; or plan your trips saving information about flight and hotel reservations. In short, all your work in your pocket so you can increase your productivity.

A Better Camera , 360º photos and more

Today there is no mobile that does not incorporate at least one camera. There are different qualities and with different amounts of megapixels , but the truth is that there is much potential to exploit in these lenses that we all carry in our pocket.

That’s what the developers of A Better Camera should have thought, which in Spanish we would translate as “A better camera”. The app literally seeks to help you get the most out of your mobile camera.

The application has different functionalities. One of the most interesting is called HDR mode , which generates photographs with more vivid colors and sharper details. You will get professional quality photos! You can also delete objects that you do not like, such as a built-in Photoshop.

In addition, it incorporates extended panoramic functionality. While some phones include a panoramic mode in their standard camera, using an open angle, A Better Camera reaches up to 360º. Of course, to enjoy all the features you have to buy the full version.

The application has other interesting modes like night mode. To do this, the camera keeps the shutter open a few seconds, as it happens with professional cameras, to allow more light to enter the lens and thus take the photo with greater luminosity but without the need to resort to flash. Of course, do not move the phone, or at the minimum you will get a blurred picture!

You can also activate the “Previous Shot”, which captures the photo before doing it, so you can “see” how it looks. It never happens to you that you have to repeat the same photo because you are not sure which is the most beautiful? With the tree on the left, with the tree on the right, without trees, with more sky, with less sky … How difficult it is to get the perfect picture! Well with this functionality you will save all the photos that do not convince you, since you can save only the one you like.

What do you think? Now, either because you know how to organize yourself better, or because you can take professional photos with your mobile, there is no doubt that there are many applications out there that help us to fully exploit our mobile. Download them and you’ll be up to date!