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That “money without endorsement” may sound empty advertising slogan, we will not deny it. What’s more, we can even grant that it sounds like a usurer’s trap that wants to keep the money, the possessions and the lives of those who fall into their networks … It happens that we have the guarantee that this is not the case. And that guarantee comes from the contrasted seriousness of an entity like Crédito Nuevo loan and microcredit .

In fact, no matter how lax or unserious this money may sound, without guarantee, only a very serious and very solvent company can afford this kind of operations that, by the way, have already saved more than one family of very serious problems. Moreover, the niche of money that is no longer guaranteed can become much safer for a financial institution than the traditional entities:

As a company immersed in society and aware of its realities, Crédito Nuevo has realized that the model of lending capital to those who do not really need it is outdated. Moreover, given the employment situation of many people, who work without a contract – and without a payroll – but work and have a stable income, it would be absurd not to grant them a money already and without a guarantee, given that many offer as many or more guarantees as borrowers of traditional banking.

To the advantages of covering a sector of the market, that of the money without an endorsement, it should be added that Crédito Nuevo does it in a way that is very comfortable for the client, who can apply for his loan by phone and always being aware of how much he is doing. to cost the service. It sounds a bit absurd to quote as pro to know how much a loan will cost us, right? Well … Do you know how much you are going to return to your bank, that good and prestigious bank, when you have finished paying that credit, the one that offers you so many advantages? Do accounts: interest, commissions, expenses … Is it true to be clear at all times how much this “money without endorsement” will cost you?