p> There is no greater pleasure than eating and this Christmas we have put on our boots! And it is that the Christmas dinners with their canapés, their lamb, their desserts … they are a delight! But it’s over, we put an end to those binge-eating dates and go back to the routine. But we do not return alone, we are accompanied by those extra kilos that have accumulated in the areas that we hate the most. And how difficult it is to get rid of them!

So calm and attentive to these three ways to eliminate those kilos that do not want to leave when these dates are over.

Exercise is essential!

We know that you are very lazy, and more with this cold that freezes your bones, go out to the street to exercise but the accumulated fat is not removed by magic! That’s why we’re going to give you three options, depending on the type of person you are.

If what happens is that you are shy or you are too lazy to get up for exercise, what you can do is join a friend to the gym and you will force each other to create a routine. You will not get bored and you can gossip with your friend about the muscles of the gym.

If you are one of those who think that exercising is boring, do not worry because in gyms there are more fun classes like zumba, which combines dance with exercise. It is not bad to laugh while you eliminate those kilillos.

If you are the king of laziness, there is also another option. Go out for an hour every day, little by little you will get tired less and your energy will increase.

You have to keep in mind that exercising has many benefits, because thanks to it we improve our health and strengthen our muscles. You will also improve your mood and release endorphins that will help your body and mind feel much better.

There is no excuse! Find your favorite sport and for that!

Do not skip any food

If you think that by stopping eating you will get that much desired tipín, you are wrong. Stopping eating does not work and skipping a meal, either! The ideal is to make five meals a day.

Do not tell us you’ve never heard the saying: “Eat like a king, eat lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar.” If you pay attention to the famous saying and add two more small meals among the main ones, it will be much better. The explanation is simple, going hungry to the fundamental foods will make you eat with anxiety and more than you should.

Do not forget to eat balanced, healthy and low-fat foods. Fruits, vegetables, fish, grilled meats … take advantage of the amount of healthy foods we have!

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Drink a lot of water

This has always been said to you, but it’s true! Water has many benefits, it helps you feel satiated without having to resort to snacks, trinkets or those delicious buns, which we like so much between meals. The ideal is to drink more than two liters of water per day, so go prepare the bottle!

Also, if we drink a glass of water before the main meals you will feel full and you will not eat so much.

If you apply these tips, you will surely have a body of infarction and you will arrive at the bikini operation with the work done. It’s not that difficult, it’s all about creating a routine. Go for it!