Holy Week is just around the corner! If you are subject to the school calendar, this Friday your holidays start, but in any case, from Holy Thursday to Sunday of the next week you have four days to enjoy. With these travel apps you can get even more out of spring, wherever you go.

They will be useful to have even more incredible free days!

Image result for holy weekSAS Survival Guide Lite

The SAS is the body of the British Air Force . This application is based on the story of Lofty Wiseman, a retired member of this body who published a survival guide in 1986 that now comes to you in digital format.

With it you can learn how Morse code works or fire, among other things. If you plan to go camping this Easter, you need the advice of an expert in the field .

SAS Survival Guide Lite includes hundreds of survival tips, plus it teaches you about meteorology and includes exercises to see how your knowledge is progressing to survive in the open . Do not leave home without her!

Maybe you end up in a 5 star hotel … But just in case, it’s never wrong to be cautious. The app , available for iOS and Android, is not in Spanish, so take the opportunity to practice if you go abroad and also look at these applications to learn English .

FlightAway Flight Tracker

Do you want to know the status of your flight in real time? If you are going to take a plane to go abroad during the holidays, you will think that it would be a good idea to be aware of all the information of the flights so that uncertainty does not reign if suddenly there are changes.

We have a solution for you! FlightAware is one of those travel apps that keeps you abreast of changes, incidents and delays in the flights of the different airlines and airports. You will get announcements to the mobile and you will know at all times what is happening with your plane.

Since we know you like to be practical, with FlightAware you will have all the information you need in your hand so you do not get nervous at the airport.

You have it for Android and iOS devices.


Did you know that you can travel at low-cost while enjoying VIP services? Yes, as you hear it!

The LoungeBuddy app, for Android and iOS, gives you access to VIP lounges at airports around the world. You will have to pay an entrance , but you will save the kidney that costs Business and First Class tickets that give “free” access to these rooms.

With LoungeBuddy you can go to the VIP lounge and enjoy an open bar (in this case a drink), a large variety of food and exclusive services : in some rooms there are even beds for sleeping and massage chairs!

If you are going to stop, LoungeBuddy helps you to make it more bearable.


The TripIt app collects all the information of flights, hotels and other reservations in a single place so you do not go crazy with so much confirmation mail.

Thus, TripIt will take care of everything. It will remind you when you have to be and where, it will create itineraries on a map of the destination city so you know how to get to the hotel and will inform you in real time of the changes that your itinerary may suffer. It is one of those travel apps that you can not miss.

If you like to have everything well organized, TripIt is your best ally!

Flush: the search engine

Who has not seen himself in this situation? You’re in the middle of the street, apparently there’s no bathroom nearby, but the urge to unload your bladder is unbearable .

This situation is especially bad when you are in an unknown city and you do not know where to go. Luckily, Flush can help you! Activate the GPS and find one of the more than 190,000 public toilets that appear in the app . What a relief!

You will want Flush more than anyone in this world. Available for iOS and Android.


Holy Week is a time to enjoy. Do it in style with these fantastic travel apps ! You will not miss anything at all.