Atif Shamim will extend the battery life of iPhone and Blackberry devices 12 times


Ottawa inventor Atif Shamim tries to patent one of his creations that could completely revolutionize the mobile battery industry. It has come up with a solution that all engineers dream of and that iPhone developers have failed to produce until now.

Being only a student at Carleton University, the inventor developed a wireless connector that would allow mobiles to use up to 12 times less energy, thus greatly increasing the life of a battery. This invention first took the form of a project, or an article to be featured in the Microwave Journal, and has already received a lot of praise and applause.

After being named best article in European Conference on Wireless Technology, the inventor’s confidence in his project has been super boosted, so it now appears that he has filed applications in the United States and Canada for approval to patent the invention.

The technical details behind this development are very complicated, but in terms of daily use, a wrapping technique has been devised so that all the wires and circuits connected to the antenna are no longer needed. In addition, the connection must be made by means of a wireless connector, which saves more than a significant amount of battery power. As Shamim himself said, thanks to this new connector, the power consumption will be reduced by 12 times.

Regarding its incredible technology, Mr. Shamim said that “it has never been tried before – that the circuits are connected to the antenna wirelessly. They were connected by wires and a bunch of other components. This is where the power gets lost.

Since Shamim has declared his interest in coupling the finished connector with devices such as the iPhone or with Blackberry products, a huge problem is going to be solved for Apple. Since 2007, when criticism was raised against the iPhone requiring high power consumption and having a short battery life expectancy, the company has tried to fix these issues, but has not been too successful in this direction. .

Regarding his interest in the iPhone, Shamim also said, “This is a common problem. There are so many applications in the iPhone, it’s like a vacuum machine. Once the iPhone implements this technology, the price for switching each of its products with these wireless connectors will be $ 89 plus an additional $ 10 for shipping to Canada.

In addition, besides Shamim, Mr. Arsalan and David Nadeau were also congratulated for their contribution to the development of the connector.

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