BlackBerry App Store closing after 2019, BB10 gets two years of support


Although the name BlackBerry is just an afterthought in the Android market, users might be surprised to learn that some of the company’s legacy mobile services are still around. Unfortunately for those who still use them, BlackBerry has announced that they will shut down over the next two years, including the platform’s app store.

Since it’s been two years since a BlackBerry 10 device shipped, it makes sense that the company would want to kill these aging services. First on the chopping block are the BlackBerry Travel site and Playbook video calls, which will be discontinued in February and March 2018, respectively.

The big stop, however, will be on December 31, 2019, when the BlackBerry World app store goes offline. This means that devices like Passport or Classic will have no way to download new apps. For those who still rely on these phones, the clock is ticking until when there will be no choice but to switch to Android.

Luckily for those remaining BlackBerry users, the company has promised that BB10 devices will get “at least” two years of additional support, while a minimum of two years of network access will be available for BBOS phones. The company adds that customers still using these older BlackBerry devices will be offered a discount on the new Android KeyOne and Motion, but exact details of the trade-in program were not disclosed.


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