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(Mirror Daily, USA) Gone are the days when owning a BlackBerry smartphone meant you had the ultimate technology. As more advanced models began to appear, BlackBerry fell behind. However, that doesn’t mean the company has given up, but has chosen a different path. Now, what’s in store for BlackBerry fans?

The BlackBerry company announced last week that it would stop producing smartphones. On the other hand, developers will start to focus more on software. The company’s decision brings advantages in the technological field, and they will surely be revealed soon.

The BlackBerry company started its projects several years ago when competitors like Samsung or Apple gained popularity among users. General Manager John S. Chen said on behalf of the company:

“We believe that the telephony market is moving more and more towards the intelligence market. “

To rephrase the words of the managers, this means that the BlackBerry company will put money and effort into what makes a smartphone, not a phone. Even though they will have nothing to do with competitors in the smartphone market, they will face competition in software. Here they have to meet tech giants like Google’s Android, which already has a solid fan base. The decision to start a new business is therefore not without risk for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has also tried to develop touchscreen models, such as the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The Canada-based company is one of the country’s favorites, Canada. Experts believe BlackBerry will retain many of its users as a software developer as well. On top of that, they will get a lot more out of it.

However, BlackBerry leaves the mission of manufacturing mobile phones to partner companies. While the hardware part is covered by them, BlackBerry will take care of the software production and system security issues.

Despite the recent decision to discontinue manufacturing, BlackBerry is a benchmark name in the field of mobile phone development. Its products and devices have been used by companies, businessmen, celebrities and regular buyers without disappointing them. It was not the ineffectiveness of the products that drove customers to other brands and labels, but the intense competition in the market.

Judging by the company’s significant success in the past, BlackBerry is very likely to make a dramatic comeback. Over thirty years have passed since its founding as Research In Motion Ltd. All these years explain the high quality of the products. Is BlackBerry counting on your confidence for its comeback?

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