Developers Can Now Download BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 Beta Autoloaders


With BlackBerry 10.3.2 being tested through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has now taken another step forward and made the Beta 10.3.2 autoloaders available to developers as well. Interestingly, this is a version behind what’s on offer in the beta zone. Software version 10.32.159 is available through autoloaders, while Beta Zone offers software version Either way, BlackBerry has outlined what developers need to know about these autoloaders.

Prepare your applications for BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.2. We’ve just released beta autoloaders with 10.3.2, which you can get from the software update page. There are also 10.3.2 beta simulators available for download for those who do not have a BlackBerry 10 device to use for testing. No new APIs have been added in this release. Apps that support BlackBerry 10.3.1 should also work on 10.3.2. There are a few known issues with this beta that could affect your apps.

The first concerns applications that use active frames. Your active frame may appear distorted or stretched in this beta. The second issue is with BlackBerry WebWorks applications. Network requests (including XMLHttpRequest and normal subresource payloads) that require HTTP permission, display a credentials dialog box when invoked from the browser, but do not display a box dialog when called from a WebWorks application. If you have other API issues, please report them to us using Issue Tracker.

It goes without saying that this operating system is for developers only and normal people shouldn’t download and load it on their everyday devices because we know that because of leaks unexpected things can happen. produce. If you are a developer looking to test your applications with this operating system, you find it live on the Software Update page as well as on the 10.3.2 simulators. Unfortunately, as noted above, no new APIs have been added in this release.

PS: – There seems to be a bug on the page where it is only related to STL100-1 files, but all you need to do is change the url of your device. Developers need to know how to fix this, but hopefully BlackBerry will fix it.

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