Google Image Search Problem with Blackberry OS 10


There appears to be a widespread issue with Google Image Search on Blackberry OS10 devices.

A Google web search help thread has several reports of Blackberry OS10 users with complaints.

Google Community Manager AJ said: “We are currently investigating image search on Blackberry OS10, and I will provide updates or additional troubleshooting steps if we have any.” AJ added that users should “stay tuned” for more information.

Here are some of the complaints:

I’m trying to open images on google images but they won’t open. Can someone help me with this please?

I have the same problem on my BlackBerry (OS 10). This appears to be an issue that has only occurred in the last couple of days or so and is being reported on several BlackBerry forums. The thumbnails show in the results page, but when I click on them I get a blank screen. I followed all the advice on the links above, cleared the cache / cookies, tried incognito mode, enabled javascript. Still no use.

Discussion forum at Google web search help.

Update: Google updated the message several hours later, indicating that a fix had been deployed. AJ from Google wrote:

Good news: the fix has been deployed! Thank you all for your patience here. Please post here if you continue to have issues with this.

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