Presentation of the BlackBerry application for August 6, 2010! Win 1 of 10 copies of the announced Durak and Blaq ™ beta winners!

After a wildly busy week here at CrackBerry, it’s time to head to the weekend and hopefully have the chance to relax a bit. Personally, I feel a bit exhausted from all the news. You could even say that I was “Torched” but alas, the weekend will bring good things. Sadly, not a lot of action on the app front this week, but we’ve put together a few things for all of you. The winners of the Blaq ™ beta invitation have been chosen and a new contest comes to us this week from BerryBlow. Leave comments, you will be entered to win 1 of the 10 available copies of Durak!

Gifts of the week: Dear Diary, Hangman, BlueMobile

In case you missed it: Addidas miCoach, Google Maps 4.4, Dropbox for BlackBerry

New this week: Neelam, BusAlarm, Cube Field Arcade Game

Cool at BlackBerry App World: The oracle

Competition: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Durak from BerryBlow

Gifts of the week:

Dear Diary

Dear Diary – Are you looking for a digital agenda? Have you ever wanted to remember a time when you felt fantastic? Have you ever wanted to share diaries with people around the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions then “Dear Diary” is the perfect app for you. By downloading this app you will never forget how it felt when you bought a new TV, got the job of your dreams or when your favorite soccer team won the championship. The possibilities are limitless !

Some features included:

  • Log download
  • Download the agenda
  • Diary Notes
  • More than 50 selectable moods
  • Limit of 1000 characters
  • Journal email


  • OS 5.0 or higher
  • Mobile network connection (for upload and download)

Free in AppWorld


Hanged – New version 2.1.1 (fixed) – With hints, scores and new themes. You ask for it, you get it – hints, score, achievements, new themes and more. This version comes with a special kids theme, so your little ones can keep busy too.

New version 2.0:

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 5 different themes to choose from
  • Input via QWERTY keyboard

The classic hangman word game. Guess the correct word before you run out of luck and the hangman catches you. Discover new words, expand your vocabulary and have fun. This game contains enough words that you can play it all day long for weeks on end.

Free in AppWorld


BlueMobile – gives you the fastest, smartest way to view real-time prices for stock markets, currencies, commodities, energy, precious metals, ETFs and futures markets around the world.

In addition to the standard content, you can add 2 other deferred exchanges to your account; and as much real-time trading as you want from a selection of over 120 markets – local, regional and global – by simply accessing the Blue ™ Store from the app’s main menu.

You can also check out the latest company and business news, detailed company financial data, and all of the major global stock indexes.

Free in the CB shop

In case you missed it:

MiCoach app for BlackBerry The app is essentially a personal trainer for your BlackBerry, including specific programs for basketball, soccer, running, soccer and tennis. miCoach uses GPS on your device for real-time pace-based coaching as well as location tracking.

“The introduction of the miCoach app and sport-specific training plans was the natural next step in bringing miCoach to an even wider audience. At adidas, we work with the best coaches and athletes in the world and we wanted to share this knowledge and experience with our consumers. to inspire them and help them achieve their personal goals, “says Bernd Wahler, adidas Sport Performance Marketing Director.” Our service approach is unique and sets new standards in personalization across the sporting goods industry. ”

miCoach can sync with your account on so you can share and view your workouts and see your elapsed time, calories burned, pace, and more. The app also lets you play music during your workout, and if you’re looking for an added bonus, it tracks your shoe usage as well. adidas miCoach is available for free download from BlackBerry App World.

CrackBerry Google Maps logo

Google maps has been updated to version 4.4 and now includes Google Places functionality. Places allows you to quickly find and locate ATMs, restaurants, hotels, attractions, gas stations, and more. You can find everything you need to know about a location with the Item Locations page so you have all the information in one place. A few other background fixes in this release to keep things running smoothly. Click the link below from your device to download.

Drop box

Dropbox for BlackBerry – Well, we’ve seen it come to pretty much every other platform before BlackBerry, but it’s here now anyway. Dropbox, the online storage solution that gives users 2 GB of free space, has just gone live with their beta app for BlackBerry. Initially, the forums posted 500 users, but Dropbox has since added more. Since it is limited, you may need to double check before actually entering.

New this week:


Neelam – As of August 2010, it is the only calculator on BlackBerry that can handle complex numbers. It supports RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) used for entering algebraic syntax. This has MUCH more features than stand-alone calculators at this price point, and is especially recommended for scientists, engineers, and students.


  • RPN notation (algebraic syntax) – enter expressions as you see them in books (eg “log (sin (3 + 4))”) instead of having to work backwards
  • Complex numbers – all functions support real and imaginary input (except the factorial function), so you can evaluate “arcsinh (3 + 4i)” or “arccos (2)”
  • A wide range of functions – all standard functions that scientific calculators can offer and many more (e.g. polar input, Cartesian-to-polar conversion, absolute values, conjugate)
  • Over 20 built-in physical constants – no need to search reference books
  • Full keyboard shortcuts – all functions and numbers (except physical constants) have keyboard shortcuts, specially chosen to make typing as fast as possible
  • Stylish and simple display – all of the above features are all on just 2 screens!

On sale now in the CB store $ 5.99 (reg $ 9.99)

Bus alarm

Bus alarm – Are you bored on your bus or train? Not being able to read, play games, or take a nap because you’re afraid you’ll miss your next stop? With Bus Alarm, you can enjoy your time on the buses and not worry about missing your next bus stop. As a long-time bus driver, the developer of Bus Alarm knows exactly what you need.


  • Alerts bus riders when transfer bus stops or destinations are reached
  • Alarms when scheduled times are due in energy saving mode
  • Automatically switches to power saving mode when battery level is low
  • Allows you to snooze alarms
  • Handles irregular bus schedules for a single day
  • Add bus stops or destinations with just one click
  • Powerful interface to update timetables and locations of bus stops
  • Customizable alerts that can be changed in the BlackBerry sound profile
  • Shows your current location, speed and heading on a map

$ 4.99 in the CB store


Cube Field Arcade Game – Captain! Navigate your ship through a field of treacherous cubes.
But beware! If you crash into it, you will end your flight. The goal is to try to go as far as possible to score the most points. The speed of your ship gradually increases as you continue to play. So, concentrate hard and try to complete this fun game. Good luck!


  • Supports all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2 and above.
  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
  • Very addicting.
  • Stunning graphics and great animation.

$ 2.99 in the CB store

Cool in BlackBerry App World:


The Oracle – All these important questions in life 😉 … No one can tell you the answer. Or is there a way to look to the future? Frankly, we don’t know either but if there is anyone that CAN know it is the Oracle. She probably knows what has been programmed into your life and she knows how to decipher the answers to your questions! Think about any question that can be answered with YES or NO. Ask the Oracle and she will reveal the answer to you.

Have fun with this cool decision making tool. Use it for fun or to help you in situations where you really can’t make up your mind.

Free in BlackBerry App World



We recently did a review for Durak. From this review we get the explanation of the game:

Durak is a popular card game, originating in the Soviet states, which pits player against player in an attack / defense style card shedding game. The last player to get rid of all his cards is the “durak” or madman.

After the review I reached out to the folks at BerryBlow to see if they were willing to donate 10 copies to the CrackBerry community, they were more than happy to oblige. That said, leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win one of 10 free copies for yourself.

Last week’s winners:


Last week we had a nice contest for people who wanted to participate in Twitter’s new beta app Blaq ™. The response from all of you was brilliant. Unfortunately, only 5 winners could be drawn and here they are. Congratulations folks, we are going to put everything in place as soon as possible. Sit well!




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