RIM adds video and music to the BlackBerry App Store

RIM announced that its redesigned BlackBerry World app store is now live, after music, movies and TV shows were first added to the store.

The store was renamed BlackBerry World – it was previously BlackBerry App World – and this name change indicates that, like Google and Apple, RIM has added new types of content. The maker of BlackBerry says the changes will make it “the one stop shop for all your mobile entertainment needs.”

The changes to the store take effect immediately in the web version – here – but RIM says it will roll out to PlayBook tablets and BlackBerry smartphones “in the coming weeks.” It further warns that it can take up to 24 hours for changes to appear on users’ devices.

The big change is the addition of a music and videos section, which offers BlackBerry devotees more than just apps for their devices. The new BB Music service offers “millions” of songs and is available for an initial period of 30 days at no cost, after which it is priced at $ 4.99 in the US – international price has not been confirmed. . A cool feature allows friends to “swap” 25 of a user’s 50 profile tracks to help them discover more music.

RIM promises that the App Store will contain 70,000 apps when BlackBerry 10 goes on sale on February 1, and the basic design has been revamped to make it more social, with new social media login options.

The mobile version on BlackBerry 10 devices will include better content discovery, with the introduction of trending apps to help find what’s popular at all times. A subtle but important change is that the revamped store is now linked to all users’ BlackBerry IDs, which uses their payment choice to purchase content.

RIM has put a lot of emphasis on content for BlackBerry 10, the centerpiece of which has been technology to allow games and content from other platforms to be easily ported to the new platform. RIM has hosted a number of “Port-A-Thon” events aimed at encouraging developers with cash rewards for each app ported to BlackBerry World.

Last week, RIM doubled the incentives offered for its final event to a total of $ 2 million. Earlier this month, the Canadian firm revealed that an event saw over 15,000 applications submitted for the store over the 37.5 hour period.

BlackBerry 10 devices will launch at an event in late January. A leaked inventory that surfaced last week suggested the first devices could go on sale from February 28, but no official release date has yet been released.


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