Unable to upgrade to BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 due to insufficient space?



There is currently not enough free space (internal device memory) on the smartphone to install the update successfully. BlackBerry 10 operating system requires 2.5 times the size of the downloaded package, for example, a 1 GB update package will require a total of 2.5 GB of free space to be downloaded and installed successfully.


Option 1

Perform one of the following options and the associated steps to resolve the issue:

Update through BlackBerry Link or by visiting http://www.BlackBerry.com/update

Option 2

To continue with an OTA (Over The Air Software) software update, delete the data (applications and media) from the internal memory of the BlackBerry smartphone until there is sufficient free space by following the actions below. The software update message will indicate exactly how much space needs to be freed, for example:

  • “Please free up 401MB of additional space to continue with this update.”
  • “You can move files to your media card or delete apps you don’t use.”

Help determine what to move or delete:

First, look at the data and the amount of storage space consumed by the installed apps or games, as well as each type of media. You can then choose to move data from internal memory to SD card or delete apps or games.

Open Settings, then select App Manager, then Device Monitor. In this app, select Storage. After a few seconds, this will display the amount of memory consumed by each app or game, as well as the amount of media added to the device; the media are broken down into images, music and videos, each grouped individually. This view only displays internal memory consumption and does not display media or data stored on the SD card. After looking at the amount of memory used by apps or games and media, you may decide to move data or delete apps by following one of the actions below.

Move data from internal memory to SD card. If an SD card has been inserted into the BlackBerry smartphone, the File Manager application can be used to move data from the device’s internal memory to the SD card storage.

  • Open the File Manager application from the BlackBerry home screen.
  • Select the files and / or folders you want to move by touching the item (select Select more to move multiple items at once).
  • Select Move from the menu that appears on the left.
  • Navigate to the SD card and the location you want to move the items to.
  • Select Move.

Removing applications in Device Monitor:

Note: Deleting an app will delete all app data, for example: high scores, game progress, app settings, etc.

If the data cannot be moved out of the internal memory, another option is to delete the apps. You can choose which applications to remove to free up the required space by examining their size in Device Monitor. To delete an application in the Device Monitor application:

  • Open Settings, then select App Manager, then Device Monitor. In this app, select Storage. Note: This step is not required if you are already in storage.
  • Choose the app.
  • Select Remove.
  • Removing apps from the BlackBerry Home screen:

Touch and hold the app. Once the onscreen app starts flashing, tap the trash can icon next to the app and then select Delete.

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