Who killed BlackBerry OS? Android or iPhone?

In an interview this week, the CEO of BlackBerry said, “I love our handset business, but we have to make the money.” He was talking with The National, where he also confirmed that there were, as the post said, “no plans to launch new devices running the operating system” – the operating system being BlackBerry 10. Meanwhile, the company would continue to support and release updates for the operating system for the time being. So who is to blame ?

Maybe “fault” is the wrong word to use here. Who is to blame for the death of BlackBerry – the operating system, at least? Could it be Apple, as market share has plummeted over the past 8 years after the iPhone’s launch?

Or could it be Android – especially recently when BlackBerry started embracing the idea of ​​running Android apps on its own operating system?

According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, the company will redirect its energies from a high-end Android smartphone this year. Instead of launching another supposed competitor for the world’s biggest and best smartphones today, BlackBerry will be launching two mid-range Android phones by the end of the year.

One of these handsets will be a touchscreen device, the other will have a physical keyboard.

The company always has a foot in the door when it comes to corporate security. In fact, although Chen suggests that “BlackBerry lost the consumer market some time ago,” he continues, saying “now we are almost exclusively a player in the business.”

Does this indicate that the energies of Apple, focused above all on the consumer market, have left a window of opportunity open for BlackBerry in enterprise devices? Or does this suggest that Android, being such an open and versatile operating system, has prompted BlackBerry to embrace the batch, instead focusing on the segments in which they excel the most?

“We’re the only ones who really secure Android,” Chen said, “take the BlackBerry security features that everyone knows us about and make it more accessible to the market.

Whether it was Apple or Google that killed BlackBerry’s operating system dreams, one thing is certain: Android is where the company will move forward.

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